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For rules, please click the cut below!

Be most excellent to one another. If you have a problem, you discuss it civilly or not at all. If you are not excellent, we will take note and act accordingly.

2.) Godmodding/Infomodding will not be tolerated.

3.) OOC is not IC: your character cannot know everything you as the player know. Eridan cannot set up a commune circle and immediately talk to The Being on the first day. By the same token, ICA = ICC. If your character does something you know there are going to be big consequences for, don’t expect to not have to face them.

4.) If you have a problem relating to the game or another player, talk to the mods. We’re always here to help!

5.) Tag and lock posts that need to be locked. I.E: Sexual material or potentially triggering posts. Please use warnings and be kind to your fellow rper. Not everyone has the same stance on certain topics as you do. This counts for comment threads as well with possible triggering content. A simple 'CW: Gore/blood' in your subject line is enough. (CW means Content Warning, TW, Trigger Warning.) Also please keep in mind we have a game wide ban on rape and suicide plots.

6.) USE TAGS. We cannot stress this enough! It will make your life so much easier if you do! We’ll create tags for you when you’re accepted into the game. Tag every entry your character makes and every entry they participate in so that it’s easier for you to keep track of your points.

7.) Stirring up wank is a bannable offense. We cannot control anoncomm or do much about wank there with no proof of who might be doing the wanking, but we’ll do our best to help you or hash out the problem, so please come to us if there is one. We're glad to talk things out with you.

8.) You must have an HMD and your application in your journal for people to access. This is for not only for people to see where your character has come from, but also to help prevent 7 from happening. If people talk in an ideal world we wouldn’t have such problems.

9.) When you drop or go on Hiatus please comment to the proper area. The hiatuses will not be counted if not posted there.

10.) Read the FAQ. If you want to join us at WTL, read the FAQ to cover your bases! If you have any questions that come to mind, drop it on that page as well! World info, common questions and the like lurk on that page for your viewing pleasure.

For More information check out the Table Of Contents.