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Once you have accumulated points from activity and passed AC, what do you do with the points left over?

We're glad you asked! Points are used as part of the game's wishing system. Check below, and you will see the baseline guide for spending those remaining points!

How does wishing actually work in-game?
Characters who make wishes in the game will cast a colorful stone into the wishing pond and make their wish. Thereafter (whenever the wish request is granted and it is narratively convenient), a crayon drawing of the wished-for thing will appear on your character's doorstep or in their mailbox. Before or after they look at the drawing, the item or request will be there for them.

How do I request an item?
Drop a comment below and the mods will tell you if it is eligible! Please use the handy dandy form offered in the text box to make things easier.

Item: Item/animal/whatever in question.
  • If its a canon item, please link us a picture or give a brief description. We want to know what you're requesting! This is especially important for power regains. Please also explain what your plans are for the item. We'd like to know what shenanigans you want your character to get into!
Points used:
Link to the threads where you made the points.
  • These threads cannot be used for AC if used here, so buy wisely!

What Can I Wish For?

OLD POSSESSIONS40Specific items from your character's world of origin. A instrument, a favorite blanket, a necklace, or any knickknack they didn't have on them when they arrived.

Items from a previous game
Items from canon

NEW POSSESSIONS50Any new item your character has never had before. Rings, dvd's your character has always wanted, clothes, toys, shoes, etc.
Knick Knacks
(You get the idea)

POWER REGAINS350If your character lost their abilities/powers due to the last game they were in, they can regain it here. Any powers that are godly in nature will not be approved. Items that give characters their powers back in any capacity will also be considered power regains. Magical or skilled pets that are designed for battle (e.g., Pokemon and Dream Eaters) will also be considered power regains. They will have the same size limits as pets: No bigger than a small horse.
Lost Abilities
Battle Pets
Power-imbued Items
No Godly Abilities
NEW POWERS600If your character would like to gain additional powers beyond those they had in their own canon/the game they were in, they can still wish for them or work to acquire them, but it will take more effort for Zephyr and cost more. Any powers that are godly in nature will not be approved, and the mods will exercise general discretion on what will be allowed. There should be a very good IC reason for the character to either work toward a power-up or request one. We may ask you to discuss this with us and provide proof of the IC growth of this idea/development of skills before we approve it.
New powers
New Power-related Items
Additional powers from a future canon/game-point
No Godly Abilities

BODY REGAINS100Physical alterations to the character's form. These do not involve power modifications that might come with the changes.
Missing Limbs/Original forms
Eye color/hair color/tattoos/etc.
New appendages/Species changes

PETS60The pet sizes can range from a small horse to a parakeet. This includes pets from your character's previous game or canon world! We also reserve the right to say no to bringing in a pet if the pet is a character in its own right. Some examples of this are: JiJi from Kiki's Delivery Service, Luna from Sailor Moon, Spike from MLP:FIM. If a character is sapient enough to talk or think in a way humans can, it is not something you can wish for. All pets wished for are spayed/neutered.
No sentient/playable pets

BUILDINGS700For a basic one room building. The more complicated the building the more points it will cost. If you want to buy a building, please discuss it with us along with having a drawn out plan of what you want.
The Library
The Observatory
The Windmill
(These required additional points.)
MINOR BUILDING RENOVATIONS100Minor renovations: Adding an extra door/window/exit, painting the walls, moving around heavy furniture.

Major renovations: Adding another story, completely changing the aesthetic or configuration of the interior.

If you aren't sure if a renovation is major or minor, please just ask!
New windows
New carpet
Second Floor

LAND EXPANSION1000Land Expansion: The Meadous map will increase by half a mile in one direction. The player will be able to decide what the land exists as from our present variety of land areas: Forest, river, beach, jungle, mountains, etc. It will also be populated with that biome's present assortment of plants and animals. (For visual reference, the Meadous village area is one mile across.)

New biome: The Meadous map will increase by half a mile in one direction, and the player may create a new biome to fill in that space. This includes land type and structure, as well as non-sapient flora and fauna that populate the area. Any additional space that is not used can be allocated to other currently existing biomes as the player wishes.

New species: Create a new sapient species to inhabit a currently existing portion of the Meadous. Player will design the structure of the new civilization and both the cultural habits and base interactions/attitude with the Meadous residents. (Think along the lines of the Wasps or the Beetle tribe in the Jungle.)

Zephyr Growth: Zephyr is a growing child and heavily influenced by their flock. Players can work with the mods to develop Zephyr through a physical alteration or a new ability. Be prepared to come to us with a good idea of what you want. **Must be a cooperative wish made by three or more people.**

Note: All additions and changes will need to meet mod approval and mesh with the tone of the game. One wish from this section per player per month.
One half-mile added
Existing biome
Choice of new biome
Includes non-sapient flora/fauna
Choice of new species
Sapient + Cultural aspects
Physical changes
New abilities

A note to remember: The current list is a general guideline! You can also wish/ask for something off of the provided categories, and we will give you a general price range and whether we would approve it or not. All wishes are on a case by case basis. While we encourage wishing, we also ask that there be a reason behind the wish in question.

As the world grows, players can wish for bigger items. Currently items cannot be any bigger than what can fit in a flatbed truck. Gundams, Big-O and zords are not allowed in the world. We do not permit mecha battles to take place, sadly.

As a general rule, unless your request is approved on this page by the mods, you cannot enact it ICLY. Requesting something does not mean you automatically get it.

Please keep all requests HERE! Any requests for items elsewhere will not be considered official requests that can be used in-game. This includes AIM conversations or on plurk.
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[personal profile] amourtician 2013-08-05 11:13 pm (UTC)(link)
so, ah. i'm not requesting it yet, but how much would jay wishing for his body to match his gender cost? i wanna know how much i gotta save up and how much i can spend on frivolous shit 8V
whickers: (there are sooooo many books omg)

oh no why am i furst

[personal profile] whickers 2013-08-15 06:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Item: A small kitten from Mayfield's pet store. It's a kittencat
Points used:60

Item: The Disciple's outfit from the Gala in My Little Jamjar Picture!
Points used: 40

(no subject)

[personal profile] whickers - 2013-08-15 22:28 (UTC) - Expand
wolfishsurvivalist: (T-tailwag ♥)

[personal profile] wolfishsurvivalist 2013-09-09 01:32 am (UTC)(link)
Item: Zita, the three year old German Shepherd
Points used: Mika post (30)
First thread with Berri 20+ comments

and then I confused myself on the math hff I hope I did this right.
truepsychictale: (Default)

[personal profile] truepsychictale 2013-09-10 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
Item: Deathbringer, the pyrokentic cougar
Points used: 60
Jay 20 for meeting him, 10 for going past 10 comments (17 comments)
Di 20 plus 10 for going past 10 comments
Edited 2013-09-10 00:05 (UTC)
psycheslantern: (Default)

[personal profile] psycheslantern 2013-09-22 09:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Would it be acceptable to wish for an item which would have been available on the character's home world, but which they have never owned? The wording is a little unclear.
kingroadie: (Default)

[personal profile] kingroadie 2013-10-10 07:43 am (UTC)(link)
Item: Tattoo on Eddie's back, of red devil horns (red flowers shaped like the devil horns) wrapped around Clementine and the Seperator (his axe).
Points used:
*First meeting Di (20)
*First meeting Ienzo (20)
*First meeting Iron Giant (20)
*First meeting Dist (20)
*First meeting Jay (20)
*First meeting Berri (20)
Total: 160, for body mod.
Edited 2013-10-10 07:46 (UTC)
whickers: (Default)

[personal profile] whickers 2013-10-11 06:36 am (UTC)(link)
Item: Her troll body
Points used: 100
-Met Eddie | 24 | 20+10+5 (35)
-Reunite with Nemo | 27 | 20+10+5 (35)
-Met Jay | 26 | 20+10 (30)

I also had a question about Disciple wishing for completely new items. She wants to get quadrant rings at some point for her and Nemo, but since they're new items, I don't know if that's possible slash how many points it would cost!
oldhippony: (!human smile)

[personal profile] oldhippony 2013-10-16 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
Item: His human body back! He's making the wish in a thing dated 10/13 if it matters.
Points used: 100
Meeting Giant (30)
Meeting Jay (Again) (30)
Meeting Eddie (20)
Reuniting with Gamzee (20)
Edited 2013-10-16 04:52 (UTC)
imitation_crane: (Just Leave Me Alone to Die.)

[personal profile] imitation_crane 2013-10-27 11:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Item: Hair color! (Black. To fix the horrible turquoise.)
Points used: 150

Using every thread in his intro post (as well as the post itself) except for Human!Karkat's, as detailed in the spreadsheet screencap here.

Hopefully I tallied correctly and the shorthand is okay!
preuxchevalier: (bees)

[personal profile] preuxchevalier 2013-11-04 12:28 am (UTC)(link)
Item: A pretty and practical dress to fit Ms. Whitepaws.
Points used: 40

An additional 10 comments from this thread with Jay atop what was there before (5)
20+ comments with Jay (15)
10+ comments with Ammond (10)
10+ comments with Eddie (10)

Item: A pretty and stylish outfit to fit Ms. Whitepaws (Outfit would be the third from the left with the green ribbon on the shoulder)
Points used: 40

30+ comments with Ienzo (20)
30+ comments with Ienzo and Mika (20)
truepsychictale: (BLUH SCRIBBLE MODE)

In which Sasha learns to word his wishes better

[personal profile] truepsychictale 2013-11-10 10:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Item: He will be wishing to understand Mika's animeeple cultures better. But bbgod not understanding it- will make him a kathruda which according to Ziri's write up is:

Kathruda: Felinids generally considered "domestic," though will loudly proclaim otherwise. Tend to be very athletic, have slightly retractable claws. Can communicate basic concepts with regular cats. Are picky eaters, omnivorous but lean toward carnivorous. Grow winter coats and tend to sequester themselves in their homes during their spring shed. Tend towards vanity as a whole.

Points used: 200 (if more is needed please tell me)

Thread with Mika 45
Meeting Mika, Nemo, Ammond, First post 140
Thread with Eddie 15

Edited 2013-11-10 22:42 (UTC)

[personal profile] psionichax0r 2013-11-12 07:49 am (UTC)(link)
how much would it cost for sollux to reach god tier? i was thinking it would be body mod + powers point wise.
pythianjudgment: (Default)

[personal profile] pythianjudgment 2013-11-13 12:31 am (UTC)(link)
I'm not even going to pretend that Terezi didn't own a box of crayons back home.

Item: Box of crayons
Points used: 40

30-comment thread with Gamzee, plus new CR (20+20)
preuxchevalier: (bees)

[personal profile] preuxchevalier 2013-12-08 07:03 am (UTC)(link)
Item: A fancy telescope delivered to Natalie
Points used: 50
Log post and 20+ comments (45)
An additional 10 comments from this thread with Ammond atop what was there before (5)

Item: A book on astronomy delivered to Natalie
Points used: 50
40+ comments with The Disciple (25)
40+ comments with Eddie, Mika, and Ammond (25)

Item: A star chart for their new world's stars delivered to Natalie
Points used: 50
Log post (30)
30+ comments with Ienzo and Jay (20)

Item: The 'guttersnipe' hat that Sasha had as a kid delivered to Sasha with a note saying 'Merry Christmas.'
Points used: 50
First interaction with Sasha and 20+ comments (35)
20+ comments with Ammond (15)

Item: Not exactly an item, but that Bertie's wings appear/disappear at-will like Eddie's.
Points used: 200
First interaction with Lili (20)
First interaction with Riku and 10+ comments (30)
First interaction with Aeleus and 20+ comments (35)
30+ comments with Ienzo (20)
10+ comments with Eddie (10)
30+ comments with Jay (20)
30+ comments with Sasha (20)
60+ comments with Eddie, Ammond, and Ienzo (35)
10+ comments with the Disciple and Jay (10)
Edited (Adding wings wish...) 2013-12-13 18:53 (UTC)
pythianjudgment: (Default)

wow this is a mess...

[personal profile] pythianjudgment 2013-12-13 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
Item: 15 scalemates, including Pyralspite, Senetor Lemonsnout, and the Investigation team... plus ten randomly colored ones that were lying around her hive.
Also a length of rope.

40points/item * 16 items = 640 points

Points used:
Sasha: New CR/30+ comments, Eddie: New CR/20+ comments, Meulin: New CR/20+ comments, Hajime: New CR/10+ comments, Even: New CR/10+ comments (40+35+35+30+30= 170)
New log posted (30)
New log posted, Sasha: 50+ comments, Eddie: 10+ comments, Mika: New CR, Nemo: New CR, Natalie: 10+ comments (30+30+10+20+20+10= 120)
New log posted, Murai: New CR/10+ comments (30+30= 60)
New log posted (30)
Warren: New CR/160+ comments (105)
Sollux: New CR/10+ comments (30)
Warren: 100+ comments (55)
Mail sent to various people (2+2+2+2+2= 10)
Meeting Topic/Town Name: 10+ comments (10)
Meeting Topic/Warren: 30+ comments (20)

170+30+120+60+30+105+30+55+10+10+20= 640 points
Edited 2013-12-13 06:43 (UTC)
chalicejoker: (Chalice - Suit)

[personal profile] chalicejoker 2013-12-22 11:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Item: This ring, which was really just a random bit of his wardrobe back home.
Points used:Meeting Eddie (20)
Meeting Karkat (20)

And while I'm at it, say in the future I have Hajime wish himself human while trying to remain really specific that he keeps his powers/Kamen Rider abilities. If this were to swap his powers/items with those of Kamen Rider Blade's base abilities (which would freak him out greatly), how many points would this whole package cost? I'd guess 200 for the change to human and then 50 for Blade's belt, plus 50 more per additional card of Blade's?
spitefulvitae: (Thoughtful)

[personal profile] spitefulvitae 2013-12-23 03:06 am (UTC)(link)
Item: A new trenchcoat, Hajime-sized
Points used: Meeting Bertie - 20 points (+10 past ten comments)
Meeting Eddie - 20 points

Item: A large package of good quality wool men's socks.
Points used: Finding Hajime - 20 points (+10 past ten comments)
Finding Dist - 20 points
ajealouswind: (Alert)

[personal profile] ajealouswind 2013-12-26 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
Item: Repairing his Holy Lance (seems equivalent to getting a fresh item from home, so 40 points?)
Points used: Meeting Mika - 20 points
Meeting Lili - 20 points
spare_parts: (Default)

[personal profile] spare_parts 2014-01-03 12:19 am (UTC)(link)
Item: One kitten! Technically a cream point balinese kitten.
Points used:Dist meets Berri!
Dist meets the Giant!
Dist meets Eddie!
60 total! c:

He's wording his wish as "A pet Jay would like" but... it comes out as a kitten. If that's okay.

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