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Last Update: September 2017

We have been told many times before that god tests us. But, what if it were the other way around? We test god. What if we have an effect on god's choices and decisions?

We The Lost is a game built on players helping to shape the story, the more your character does, the more the world will change shape. Mod and Player suggested events alike will be common place and encouraged to unravel the mystery behind The Being and why they've picked The Lost. As the plot progresses it will be added to this page.

The Beginning
When your character arrives in the world, they know nothing about it, no hints to what made it or why they are there. They simply awaken in a comfortable bed, tangled in rumpled sheets like they've always just belonged. They may not expect a note settled on the pillow besides them, much less a note welcoming them to their new home. The note is written in crayons and features drawings of colorful ducks, rabbits, and other animals. It is signed by Zephyr, and they would like you to know that they are excited to meet you and have been waiting all their life for this chance- but it will still take time. Time to explore, time to see the sky is filled with ruby stars.

This is the story of the lost and forsaken. How shall they shape this new untapped world?

What is Known
  • Zephyr is a child god of seemingly unlimited abilities within their realm of influence. They can access the memories of their flocks, but have professed that they only really retain and can understand things fully when their flock tells them about their memories themselves.
  • Zephyr is a highly malleable creature, shaped and given power by belief. Their name was chosen by a poll their flock put together. Their form was drawn by a member of their flock first and people agreed that it worked for what they should look like.
  • Zephyr is an immortal being that exists on another plane of reality along with other gods. Each god creates and is nurtured by a world in order to grow and develop. 'Belief' has the greatest impact on the speed of a god's development, although godlings do attend a sort of schooling system on their own plane. Time on the god plane is very different from time within the Meadous.
  • The worlds of the godlings are each surrounded by a wall as they grow these and shape the places in between their worlds. The space between is known to be dangerous and wild with a mishmash of terrains, skies, and celestial bodies appearing all together with one another. A tundra at high noon might lead into a desert in the middle of the night, then a cloudy forest, followed by a frozen meadow with green stars.
  • Gods who are older than Zephyr have typically created their own flocks by hand. It's only the more recent generations that have used different criteria to pull people from the multiverse.
  • Every young godling who pulls people has different traits that they're keyed to, and that they can actually find and pull to their world. Zephyr's criteria is very broad and simply includes 'those who are lost.'

Major World Changes
  • Naming the Being - The Being has been named Zephyr by poll.
  • Naming the World - The World has been named the Meadous after a misspelled sign that was originally placed in the Meadous, themselves.
  • Giving Zephyr Form - Zephyr's form has settled into that of a chimera that changes with the seasons.
  • Lighting the Walls and Streets - Through the efforts of characters, colorful lanterns appear at the tops of all the walls and light up at night. The dirt and paved paths around the village are also lit by a series of wind-powered lampposts.
  • Cheering the God of Mold - Characters befriended Ara, the God of Mold, and were rewarded with a colorful mushroom patch that appears periodically. The mushrooms all have strange effects, ranging from mildly useful (e.g., enhancing vigor), to silly (e.g., changing the color of someone's hair to hot pink).
  • Changing the Sky - Characters submitted their own ideas for constellations and all of these were incorporated in some way into the night sky of the Meadous.
  • Changing the Moon and Day/Night Cycle - Characters collectively voted to have longer summer nights, shorter winter nights, and to turn the moon to crystal to make it more reflective and provide more light at night. As a result, new and different types of plants have begun to appear that take advantage of light in the night.
  • Changing Punishments - Characters collectively voted on how they want Zephyr to address conflicts in the Meadous. Zephyr will not intervene unless a fight turns to something that will inflict moderate to severe injuries. They will always try to intervene if someone's life is at risk.
  • Creation of the Mirror Dimension - Zephyr has created a Mirror Dimension that is accessible to everyone in the Meadous via magic hand or compact mirror. This space cannot be manipulated by those without the power to do so, but it can be used by anyone should they wish to practice with their own powers in a place that will not destroy the Meadous.

Zephyr is the main NPC of WtL. They are a chimera whose appearance changes with the seasons. Their interests are broad-ranging and change to incorporate at least one thing from each member of their flock. They are an exceptionally gifted and creative god, having outstripped their peers and the expectations of adult gods on several occasions. They are one of the youngest gods to ever create a world and have developed faster than most anyone has ever seen before. They are inquisitive, gentle but firm, artistic, empathetic, and just a little bit of a troll when the moment moves them.