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We The Lost rewards activity on a point system. These points can be used for Activity Check (50 each month for Players) or for wishes that your character makes.

How do I get these points?

NORMAL THREADSThese are the points that you can earn on a typical post! This includes posts that you make, posts that someone else makes, posts that are mod-created as part of an event, as well as mailbox threads.

When calculating points for AC, please remember the following:
Posts will be counted by the timestamp on the post. New CR will be counted by the timestamp of the first interaction made, whether it is a reply to a post or a reply to an open thread. Thread length will be counted by the timestamp on the 10th, 20th, 30th, etc comment in the thread. Threadjacks will be counted from the first comment made by your character. (Times are typically seen in PST.)
Making a new post30
Tagging a new character20
Tagging an NPC (Can be used every new thread)10
Tagging into a log made by another PC (Can be used every new thread)10
Reaching ten comments in a thread10
Every additional ten comments past the original ten5

How should I keep track of these points?

To help you keep track, here is a chart to use in your point tracking post:

You might also consider using a Google Spreadsheet to keep track of your points:
Option 1
Option 2